No GPS Tracking for Lost or Missing N8

I contacted Nokia via email and a VoIP call to check to see if there was any way Nokia could activate the GPS on the phone and give me the coordinates of the location of my lost phone. Got a negative on both accounts.

Apple’s iPhone has the tracking functionality through the MobileMe accounts. I buy a freaking $550 Nokia N8 and in the end, there is no official way to recover my investment other than to buy and install 3rd party apps.

I love Nokia and all (with over 5 years of undoubted dedication) but the integration of convergence devices in our lives have reached a point where a user should be able to track his/her device. Otherwise, what’s the difference between a nice compact camera and a cheap phone you won’t be distraught over in the event of a loss?

Thank you Nokia but I’m out of a lot of money now and can’t afford to buy another N8 anytime soon. There are a lot of other alternatives screaming out at me and I really don’t want to look their way …


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  1. pls hw did u contact nokia via email…my n8 was also stolen and i need to contact them if they can block my phone from further usage.pls i wuld be xpecting ur reply.

  2. Hey Samson,
    You should go to which will take you to a page with a list of phone #s based on your IP address.



  3. Angry_Nokia_N8_User

    A damn 24k cell phone has 12MP camera,16GB in-built memory,32GB xpandable,GPS capable but not a tracking software if it get lost or stolen. WTF? Damn u Nokia. I m never again taking a Nokia phone

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